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A primary Hand History of Early Online Asexuality

A primary Hand History of Early Online Asexuality

To commemorate Asexual Awareness Week 2017, I’ve assembled this edited version of my records and slides for the 2012 WorldPride Asexual Conference in London, where I happened to be among the ‘headline guests’.

WorldPride Asexual Conference flyer, 2012

Take note that this talk is currently it self five years old, so explanations for the ‘current situation’ are becoming their componenticular section of community history.

Additionally, a lot of what I’d planned to say needed to be modified from the fly as a result of unexpected time pressures, so some of what’s included below will be provided when it comes to time that is first.

The Ghost of Asexuality Last

Hello Asexual Community! Back in April 2002 we created the Asexuality LiveJournal community, that has been possibly the very first generally ‘sex positive’ asexual discussion forum, pre-dating the AVEN discussion boards by over four weeks.