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Having a Hispanic Girlfriend. Another kind of mindset may be the quite silent stares

Having a Hispanic Girlfriend. Another kind of mindset may be the quite silent stares

I will be on slim ice about this one fellas! Things we am going to state are most likely gonna get me killed, but my goal is to do so anyways i have to let you know fellas.

We began school that is attending Greenville University in Greenville Illinois. We came into school launched minded willing to discover and also enjoyable while carrying it out like every single other university student does. The week that is first by, and I also begin speaking with a complete blooded Hispanic woman who sooner or later becomes my gf after about four weeks of chatting and going out.

Now, this is when we tell you that we haven’t dated a Hispanic girl prior to, We have talked to a lot of, but We have never ever dated. I will be here to see you about some kind of special reasons for having hispanic females from my experiences that are learned. I really hope you ladies do not destroy me personally following this one, and fellas I really hope you are taking these experience into account.


Most of the rumors and memes about Hispanic women’s attitudes are totally real. This is basically the initial thing we needed to obtain use to because I became maybe perhaps perhaps not used to this unique kind of mood. The mindset was non end, like there wasn’t a switch that is off. It becomes therefore reoccurring sometimes I don’t even respond, We just say ” ok babe” provide her a kiss, and allow her have a mindset on whatever it absolutely was. Example:

We typically go right to the dining commons(DC) together and consume our meals together pretty much everyday. The occasions i really do perhaps perhaps not consume with her(which can be rarely) because I have away from baseball training, and get right to eat. All we hear is approximately the way I didn’t ask her and that this woman is starving and exactly how we never consume together any longer.